Friday, April 23, 2010

Real Lesbians Wear Dresses Too

Spring is in the air.  Recently I was talking to a friend about how half of my wardrobe still being at my ex-husband's house.  This just happens to be the spring/summer half of the wardrobe.

My sundresses.  My beautiful, lovely sundresses.  Some short, some long, some with halter style ties, some strapless . . . all of them very femme and very sexy.  I will want those back.  Of course the best option would be to be able to purchase new dresses for this season, but let's face it who can afford that?  I can't.  I couldn't even afford to get divorced (and ironically I couldn't afford not to).

My friend said to me, "I bet by the end of summer you aren't wearing any of them."  I assured her I would be.  I love dressing!!  I love bare shoulders in the summer and I love being able to wear the strappy sexy sandals with my dresses.  Yes, it's very femme, but I never claimed to be anything other.

So, by this being my first summer as "out" in my lesbianism... in my sexuality... this will change my wardrobe?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Perhaps for some.  I think I always dressed the way I wanted.  I was the same woman last summer as I am this spring and summer.  Do I carry myself differently?  I think so.  But I think it's an improvement.  And I think the dress will only look better.


AtYourCervix said...

Wear whatever you like, whatever your heart desires. Your clothing on the outside does not make or break who you are on the inside. xoxo

JP said...

Yeah I don't understand that...

You came out as liking women... not as having a penis.