Friday, May 7, 2010


I have always loved this photo of Marilyn Monroe.  She looks strong but yet still beautiful and gentle.

This is what I find with women... not just lovers, but my friends as well.  Women know what a "gentle strength" means.  With lovers it has meant that they have helped me to stay present in the moment... in a gentle way, and they knew what amount of strength was necessary to achieve this, gently.  With my friends, it has built us up a level of trust that I am very proud of today.  I wasn't so proud in the past.

But I've learned and I am growing and like my friends J and W told me last week, some amount of pain will come from that, like growing pains. 

My friends' gentle strength with me has helped me to surrender and begin to live my truth in the most authentic way I've ever lived. 

When I think of our Dear Marilyn... I wonder, did she feel as if she were living her truth?  Did she feel celebrated as her most authentic self?  I wonder. 

Tonight I feel stronger because I know that I am. 


Candice said...

I've never seen that picture before.

I love it!

ContraWhit said...

What an amazing photo.
I am so glad that you are living your authentic self, hon. :) Because you, as you truly are, are a beautiful and amazing woman.

Elle said...

a print of this photo (i think that's what you call a non-original... my friend J should correct me) is hanging up in one of my favorite bar/cafe's. i stare at it whenever i go there.

i've thought of ordering a print for myself because i have been so drawn to it.

thank you whit. one day at a time, but i can tell you that... today feels better than yesterday, as did the day before. i feel that there is quite a journey ahead for me, but at least now i can see more clearly my path.

Rexie said...

:) @ Elle.