Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I am choking on my own emotions... and to find the words to express those feelings, makes my throat feel even tighter.  It's a conundrum, though, because I know that without finding the words... I will become lost in my silence.

Introspective people are sometimes sad people.  That's what she told me today.  I agree.  I am introspective.  I am sometimes sad.  Am I sad because I am introspective or am I introspective because I am sad?  Maybe neither.  Maybe both.


Candice said...

Many people are afraid to express their feelings because they feel it's taboo to truly feel anything but shiny, happy, rainbows shooting out of their ass emotions.

It just doesn't work that way.

Be patient. The words will come to you.

I'm Jane said...

Just write. You don't have to post it or ever show it to anybody....but write it, all of it.

It's amazing how freeing it can be.

JP said...

I think you being introspective and sad is a coincidence...

Because you're introspective, you see your sadness. But that doesn't mean the introspection caused the sadness... If you weren't introspective you'd still be sad, but you would recognize it as easily.