Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Our People" get yeast infections too (and other completely stupid observations)

I'm grumpy.  Consider yourself warned.  Oh yeah, another disclaimer: much of this is probably TMI (too much information).

Let's examine the possible causes of said grumpiness.

I woke up from my nap last evening and started getting ready for work.  Something wasn't quite right ... "down there."  I couldn't figure out what was up, or down for that matter, just that something didn't feel right.  I thought maybe I just needed to give it up and shave already - I would never be able to last long enough for a waxing.  Ugh.  Anyway, as my evening progressed, and I dressed, drove to work, changed into scrubs and made it through report ... I finally admitted to myself that I have a yeast infection.  FUCK.

Earlier in the week I had a sore throat-fever-sinus-thing that included my all time favorite "I'm Going to Puke or Die" symptoms.  In the next few days there was a threat of a cold sore breakout.  Now, this?  A yeasty muffin? 

I must have been squirming or something all during report, because afterwards one of the nurses asked me WTF was wrong.  I told her about the yeasty muffin.  Now all of you are aware that I don't necessarily work with the brightest crayons in the box, right?  Remember this conversation?  Oh, by the way... I feel like I might have been a little harsh in my blog about that night.  So... this SUPER intelligent coworker says to me, "What?! I thought you were gay?"

Excuse me?  Yeah... I am.  I also have a vagina.  How I identify within my sexuality doesn't seem to protect my vagina from the horrible "yeasty muffin" disease. 

"Our People suffer from yeasty muffin too."

I bet S is reading this and she is thinking, 'I told you!  You eat too much sugar.'  But the thing is with that woman, she'll never say a thing like that to me.


Another possible reason for my current state of bitchiness (as if having my vagina feeling like it's going to fall off isn't a good enough reason):

I am JUST now taking my numerous pills that I was supposed to take when I got off work YESTERDAY morning.  Some of these pills are for... shall we say.. my bitchiness.  Better late than never.


And I think this is all I have energy for... one last golden nugget from tonight to showcase the stellar intelligence of the staff here.  Examine these photos:

We are so GREEN!  We recycle (plastic and aluminum only). < note the sarcasm.

We still fuck it up.

The End.


Asya said...

LMFAO!!! I don't think I would have been so "reserved" if I heard her say that. Oh my god, people are so fucking dumb! Hope your crotch is better.

Arica said... sorry to hear about your...discomfort! I laughed so hard when you said that lady exclaimed that you couldn't possibly have a yf because you are gay! Hope everything is better soon!