Thursday, July 22, 2010

Public Orgasm (...I didn't want to, it just happend. And more photo documentation.)

It's all because of these stockings I want to wear for S.  They are the finest, loveliest fishnet stockings.  I've been waiting . . . saving them.  Even the lace at the top of the stockings is so delicate and pretty.  I can't wait to see how it looks being held up by my garters. 


It's all the STOCKINGS' fault.  Let me explain.

With stockings and garters like this, I couldn't wear just ANY shoe.  No.  I do have the ruby red heels, yes, but I think those shoes would fight for competition with the stockings.  So I needed the right shoe.  I've been looking.  Today I found them.

They were at Target of all places, on the Clearance Shelf.  I hate shoe shopping on the Clearance Shelf because they never have my size (7.5 - too common, too picked over).  Well, holy CHIT, they fit perfectly!  The problem . . . no price tag.  I had no idea what they cost.  But it's Target right?  Clearance Shelf.  

I took my hot little shoes up to the Customer Service Counter and waited patiently to find out if I would be taking them home with me.  I had decided not to spend more than $18 on Target Clearance Shelf shoes.  No matter how fucking hot they were.  No matter how sexy they made my legs and ass look.


I came.  Right then and there at the Customer Service Counter I came all over myself.  Shuddering, eye-rolling orgasm.

It must have been a long one too.  Because the young kid working the counter asked me, "So do you want the shoes or not?"

Fuck yeah.

I tried to capture their sexiness.  What do you think?  Comment and let me know.  Or don't.  I tried them on with my stockings, too, and just as I thought. . . PERFECT.


Momo said...


those are muy caliente

as are your legs, S is very lucky :P

susan said...

S is VERY lucky. And she knows it.

Rexie said...

Perfect. Look much more expensive than $5.99. Great lines. Have fun!

The Gardener said...

Yum.... Wait... Is it wrong that I just said that??

Candice said...

Definitely sexy!

Sasha said...

I almost bought those too!!!! But when I was drooling over them they were WAY more then 5.99 ..... you lucky girl! If only Remi wasn't 4 inches shorter then me, when I'm barefoot. :( I miss heels.

Sasha said...

Oh yea, I forgot WHY I was commenting to begin with ..... GORGEOUS LEGS.

Karen said...

I HAVE THOSE SHOESSS!!!!!! LOL! I got them for 7 bucks on clearance - 7.5, lololololololol....omg this is too funny....and yeah, they are HOT, huh?!?!?!?!?