Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maybe it was the GERD

S and I went out for lunch today.  She wanted spicy.  I had overindulged the night before with my wine and had taken some ibuprofen.  So... I'm not sure what was up with my stomach, you see... I was feeling wickedly sick before lunch and during our festive fajita feast all I could think about was lying down in the cool pleather booth.  Was it the overindulgence the night before?  The medicine stomach?  The fact that I have GERD and I'm not taking my protonix any longer?  (fuck, I feel old sometimes)

Anyway, cold sweats were about to ensue and she insisted we get the check and make it back to the Shack to cuddle on the couch with movies.  I was all in favor of that.

Here's my blog.

Every single time we are out to eat... anywhere at all... any kind of dining... the check gets put directly in front of her.  NOT in between us, ambiguously.  No.  Just smack dab in front of her.  Like where her plate was just two minutes ago.

I have noticed this in the past and it was a mere observation.  But today, blame it on the GERD I guess, I was a little irritated.

It wasn't like we were even asked if we wanted separate checks and S answered for us, "No," so that the server could have subconsciously made the decision S was paying. 

I'm overthinking.  I know.

I should just let her pay for my lunch.  But that's not really the point. 

It makes me wonder what makes the servers do this.

More later... 


Raye said...

I can sorta see where you are coming from but I hate it when they DON'T put the check in front of me and when they DO ask if we are together or separate. When they ask this question it is like they are disregarding that we are a couple. It is like someone referring to her as my "friend" when they are fully aware we are in a relationship. Just be glad that they recognize ya'll are together.

Elle said...

Yes... I hear ya on that front.

One time we were out in the back yard, just sitting and enjoying the evening. I think I had my legs in S's lap and my neighbor and S were chatting up a storm. My neighbor, a nice retired elementary school teacher then asks us if we are sisters... or... cousins... or just really close friends....


Raye said...

yeah that happened to us recently when we were on our little trip for my b-day.. we were swimming in the hotel pool and we met a pair of sisters who were traveling together for one of their b-days as well. They asked us if we were sisters or really close friends. We smiled and said "neither". I am pretty sure they got the point after that because one of them asked if Keilan was our only child.

Elle said...

I'm glad you had fun on your Birthday Raye. You deserve it.