Monday, November 22, 2010


The Baby turned 3 earlier this month.  I guess I should call her something else in this blog... but trust me... she really is The Baby in our family.  This weekend S was looking at a scrapbook I made when I was pregnant with her.  The final pages of the book are photos of my home birth and then the transfer to the hospital.  Also included are some of the actual items from that day. 

When she closed the book, she looked up at me with tears streaming down her face and said, "You went through so much so that I could have kids."

That was more gratitude... more recognition... in one sentence... than I had ever gotten from my husband in 12 years of marriage. 

The Baby had a viral infection on Friday that caused her to have tremendous amounts of diarrhea.  I called S on her phone when she was on her way home from the office, she brought home diapers, popsicles, vitamin water...

When The Baby needed to be held that night because she was sick and I had to finish an assignment, S put her in a Mei Tai and attempted to make tacos.

When The Baby needed to sleep with us, S made room.

When The Baby started to puke at 3 am, S got a towel.

The next morning my Karate Kid had a tournament she absolutely could not miss.  In Karate Kid's opinion she cannot miss any tournament.  S took her so I could stay home with the Lysol.

Karate Kid has been working very hard for months on her Kata, attempting to be promoted to blue belt.  I missed it!  The promotion of the year!  But S was there.  I guess my Kid told S that she felt sorry for another boy because neither of his parents ever show up, but she was really happy that S was there.  I asked S if she felt like a parent yet.

She said, "Yes.  I'm exhausted."

And that was only Saturday afternoon . . .


A. said...

my "baby" will be two in feb. they big so fast dont they?
sorry to hear about the flu,
but so glad you have S. there

maude said...

Thank you Elle, but you didn't need to put it in writing; you've already made sure I know how much you appreciate me. I'm honored to be a member of the family and I'm just doing my part.. nothing special.

AtYourCervix said...

She's a keeper, for sure.

Lisa G said...


Almost 40 said...

100% LOVE!!! Hope you are all on the mend! xo Also hope to see you soon.

Lovesbeingamomma said...

It's LOVELY having someone to depend on without there being conseqences later.

Elle said...

What do you mean by later consequences?

S and I do depend on each other, and I think the kids are starting to feel safe enough to depend on her too.

Thanks for all the comments, and readers. XO