Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pushed Into the Closet

We are affectionate.  S and I.  I was so glad to learn that she is a "touch-er" although I figured as much given her chosen profession.  And as a matter of fact, she even tries to apologize to me for touching me too much.  As if there is such a thing.  I love it.

We are affectionate in front of the kidlets.  Nothing R rated.  Not even PG 13.  Maybe PG if we think they aren't looking.  (I'm just being honest here.)  We think it is important that they see affection and love expressed through touching.  We cuddle them too.  We do sandwich hugs and steal kisses from them via Kiss Toll Booths.  The Boy tries half halfheartedly to get away, then falls heavily into S's arms with a grin on his face.  L will ask for a double tuck in if she gets up to pee in the middle of the night.

I consider us an affectionate family.  I like it.

When we take the kids to the museum, the park, or even the grocery store I hold her hand.  The kids seem un-bothered by such a natural event for S and I.  Neither S nor I have ever thought NOT to hold each others hand.  We've never been closeted.  We have both decided we will never be closeted, and we will never date anyone who cannot be out.  It's simply hand holding - not making out.

This is why I think it is very peculiar... very amusing even... that M asked us to go inside our little closet on Saturday afternoon and through Sunday.  She was having a girl from school sleepover.  I'll update you on the stats.  She is 10... will be 11 in March.  She's in fifth grade.  Her friend is in the sixth grade.  They were going to swim and play basketball at the YMCA and while S was driving M there... that's when M had "the talk" with her.

It went something like this:

M:  "Tonight can you and mom like get a room."

S:  "Whu--?"

M:  "Don't embarrass me in front of my friend.  If you're gonna kiss mom good-bye, get a room." (I was going to work later.)

S:  "Don't worry M, we'll be on our best behavior." (Dying of embarrassment herself.)

S came home and told me that for the next 24 hours or so we have to go back into the closet for our kid's sake.  I said, "Babe, I never really spent much time IN the closet."  I found the story hilarious.  I was actually a little titillated that we couldn't touch at all or steal kisses in the kitchen like we usually do.  I had no idea, until we couldn't, how much we DO touch each other.

So we behaved ourselves.  I took naps before my shifts on Saturday and Sunday.  Thank fucking GOD.  We got to cuddle a little behind closed (bedroom) doors.  I have to admit on Sunday before I took the girl home, the pressure got to be unbearable, and S and I did steal a few squeezes in the kitchen while I was making dinner.  I just didn't care by that point.  However, I think that M and her friend had spent enough time around us, M's two moms, that it wasn't so embarrassing by that point.


MakingSpace said...

Next time embarrass the hell out of them. That's what parents are for. Go for it!

A. said...

I agree with MS :-)