Monday, January 17, 2011

some people are just TOO sensitive

I lost a fucking follower, and I am pissed!  I want to know RIGHT now who the FUCK it was.  Clearly you all mean that much to me that I can't even tell who is gone, right?  None-the-less... I feel the rejection, and it stings.  It's almost worse than a Facebook de-friending.  No.  It is worse.  This is much more intimate.

Is it because of the cocks?  Is it...?  Or am I just being sensitive? 




RadDyke said...

Don't take it personally. I lost one too. I bet it was the same person. I'm taking solace in the fact that out of my (now) 11 followers, I have no idea who I lost.

Seems coincidental that we both lost a follower the same day?

AtYourCervix said...

Perhaps the person deactivated their account totally?

A. said...

i had to drop all of my followed blogs - and follow both you and rad anon. because something weird was happening with my google friend connect. (it was listing my personal blogs on a completely different blogger account set up for my online studies at my college, as well as putting my full name on this blogger and i just dont feel safe outing myself to my whole class plus chancing and abusive person in my life will read my blog.

there is a note on my blog saying as much -including that I added the dropped people to my blog roll in order to still keep an eye on your blogs. which i enjoyed very much.

Asya said...

Don't worry about it. I know easier said than done. Keep writing, because no matter how many "followers" you have the world is able to read. How many have you gained in the last so many months?

You are doing this for yourself, right? So, who cares. And, for the one who isn't following anymore. Really?? What do they think blogging is all about? You might not agree or even want to hear all the "details" about the cock (LOL) but there is so so so so much more in what you write that I wouldn't want to miss out on the other life lessons I learn from you.

Anyway, keep doing it for yourself and your "spirit" will be heard by so many that one won't matter.

I hope you get what my babbling was trying to say-I obviously don't write as well as you.

Lisa G said...

I think some people just stop following if they don't read anymore. I know I recently cleaned up my list of blogs I follow. It wasn't because I don't like the blogs, it's that I had so many, I couldn't read them all.

Natalie said...

If it helps at all, I am now unofficially following you (and RadDyke). So I can make up for the person with obviously poor taste who dropped you both. The other possibility is that this person dropped into an anti-social spiral and is no longer following anyone. (Speaking from personal experience, I think Option B is the most likely candidate.) Regardless, count me among your fans. And I adored the cock post. :)

JP said...

Seriously if they can't take a little cock conversation... why the fuck do you want them anyway?

MakingSpace said...

Bwaaaahhhh! I'm sorry you lost a follower and I'm sorry it hurts.

MakingSpace said...

Note: it may be a fluke. I notice, for instance, that on your blog roll my blog is listed as having its last post a year ago. I just clicked the link and confirmed that I just wrote a long-as-hell post a couple of days ago. LOL

So it may be a Blogger technical issue.

Elle said...

OMG, I came off like a complete narcissist, didn't I?

This second post about the lost "follower" was just supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing. I wasn't too serious and I really didn't think it was about the cocks!

I think some of you "get it"...

And as for privacy... I COMPLETELY get that too. So, it's understood.