Friday, January 28, 2011

S's First Time (for a few things)

I feel I need no introduction at this point, as most of Elle's followers have read about our entire courtship and relationship from its inception to present. (Well, not really much of a courtship, and when I say entire, I mean ENTIRE). It's quite honestly a little intimidating to post something on her blog (even though she keeps calling it "our" blog) being that I am a huge fan of Elle's story telling, and comedic prose. I've pondered what I could possible say here that would be of interest or intrigue, and I think I've come up with an intelligent and meaningful subject.


X is for Xtreme, which is how I'm feeling tonight. Xtremely old, Xtremely out of shape, Xtremely fat, Xtremely sore, Xtremely old.... oh ya, I already said that. I asked Elle today if she thought I was the oldest person that has ever taken on the P90X challenge. I think her reply was "maybe"... bitch. Now I'm feeling Xtremely competitive! You guys just wait. In 90 days I'm going to "allow" Elle to post my "before" pic (which by the way, I refuse to even look at) next to my "after" pic. Oh... and speaking of before pics... a little word of advice for those of you in a relationship with a girl. Never ever offer to take her before pic when talking about starting a new workout routine. It won't go over well even if your offer was well intended. You'll find yourself saying things like "Honey, you look great... I didn't mean you NEEDED a before pic, I just thought it would be fun if we both had one."

So, tonight we have the kids, neither one of us can move due to our new Xtreme soreness and Elle and I are in one of those moods. She's warned me though... the only thing she thinks she'll be able to do is lie on her back and maybe turn over if she can use a pillow for support.


Almost 40 said...

Hi! You're both nuts and perfectly hot just as you are!

MakingSpace said...

Hiya S!!! You clearly rock. Post more! And have fun with that P90X.

Asya said...

Perfect first post. LMAO.

The Gardener said...

Haha!! Awesome!!

Becca said...

Wonderful first post!! Hope to see more of you.. :)