Friday, May 13, 2011

Change is Good, Right?

First of all this is a little test blog from my iPhone. Probably would be going smoother with an iPad but... I'm super poor and trying to pay for braces, a wedding, and soon my student loans.

The point, I know I had a point... Oh, I'm thinking of changing my layout/design/template to something that is more mobile device friendly. What do my readers think? Good idea? Bad idea? Indifferent?

I don't know if I am even savvy enough to figure this out (S and I jokingly refer to me as "tech support" in the relationship, but I don't really know why)!

Post a comment. Leave feedback.



Rexie said...

I think along with getting married, a refreshed site is in order to go along with your new life. You are creative and whatever you come up with will be great.

MakingSpace said...

Welcome back Blogger - and your Iphone layout looks fine on my Mac, so...

Regarding your previous post, I'm glad S stood up for your kiddoes. I can't believe your ex got angry about it.

And HOORAY for standing up for yourself at work - and in a situation where you didn't know you could do it - you did it!!!