Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't we have more important things to worry about?

Today Illinois State Rep. Deb Mell addressed the House regarding legalizing gay marriage in Illinois and specifically spoke about her own engagement to Christin Baker.

Legislation to legalize civil unions passed in the House committee nearly a year ago (yay!!) but apparently 60 votes are still needed to send it to the Senate according the Chicago Tribune article posted on April 28, 2010.

I think it's fantastic that we have such an outspoken female leader and gay rights advocate representing "us" in Illinois.  Rep. Mell has even been arrested for protesting her inability to get a (same-sex) marriage license from the Cook County clerk's office (that's my favorite).

Now, may I direct my reader's attention to the Chicago Tribune article, and if you could all just scroll down to the bottom... go ahead... a little further... to the "Comments" section.  What the fuck is this bitch Nancy talking about, "Don't we have more important things to worry about?"

 I mean REALLY!  Equality is really no big deal.  Sheesh.


Asya said...

yes Nancy, we do have more important things to worry how to "fix" the idiots out there that think like you.

Candice said...

Nancy needs to be punched in the vagina!

Elle said...

Oh I didn't think of that. A good Vag Punch.

JP said...

Maybe she was talking about conservative's opposition to gay marriage... Don't conservatives have more important things to worry about than two people loving each other?

yeah probably not. After all gay marriage is destroying the integrity of marriage... like Georgia's governor flying to Argentina isn't... or Tiger Woods isn't... or Hollywood's 18 hour marriages isn't...

Seriously people, whether or not two people commit themselves legally to a relationship is none of your fucking business. If they want to do it, who cares! Let them!

Asya said...

JP-I blogged about the words integrity and marriage in the same sentence also. When you look at the divorce rates (I realize divorce is necessary a lot of the time), globally-i feel it is a joke to put the word integrity and marriage in the same sentence.