Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frank Henry at it again. (vulgarity to follow)

My daughter, L, called me at 9:45 last evening and she was hysterical.  I couldn't understand her.  She is my "middle" and has been very quiet lately.  I got her to calm down enough to recount the details of the evening and tell me why she was so upset.  Sounded to me like normal sibling bickering.  (For those readers that don't know, I have five kidlets.)  She was clearly upset by something else, so we just kept talking.

Here's where I get gut-punched.  Her father had threatened her that she would have to live with me if she didn't start behaving.

Yeah, yeah . . .  "What?  A non-custodial mother?!"  Gasp.  Bite me bitches.  I do what works for my kids.

So here is this ass-bag though, using living arrangements as a threat?  As a parenting tool?  Get a fucking clue dickwad.  Of course when I talked to him about it, and tried to explain how completely inappropriate and unhealthy this is for the children . . . he accuses me of already ruining them with my "lifestyle" and then hangs up on me.

So which is you fucking piece of dog shit?  Do you want to send the kids back to their mom?  Or is their gay mom ruining them for life? 

I guess it's whatever is convenient for him at the time.  I do think two things have contributed to this though; his nanny mother was buried today, and he has a new potential child bride girlfriend.  So I guess he is stressed.  WHAT THE FUCK EVER.  Guess what douche bag, stress is a part of life.  Cope with it.  Leave the kids out of it.

Okay.  End of rant.


Asya said...

Sounds like he needs to take the "parenting" class all over again and maybe I could donate a whiteboard so he could actually understand what they are saying.

Just sayin'

Elle said...

Very funny, because we did take a parenting class, and there WAS a white board used.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

oh that whiteboard...! stress does not give him a 'get the fuck outta jail free' card to big a big douche, i hope you kicked him somewhere where he can cry to his little girl-bride for a few days... i feel for the loss of his apron strings/mama (and more for your kids and you) but good f'ing grief.

that's all. rant away!!

(i will stop being anonymous, when i come up with a catchy name...)

Elle said...

Anonymous... I can hardly wait for your catchy name. I have no idea who you are. Do I know you? hint hint hint!!!

JP said...

Yeah he wins the douchecanoe award for that one...

AtYourCervix said...

What a total, utter douche. Interesting though how your daughter came to you for solace and consolation. You're an excellent mom!