Monday, April 26, 2010

Time for some RAINBOWS!

My life has been very sad lately with "processing" this breakup and I really just needed a laugh today. Instead I got a trip to the Emergency Department of a hospital that was miles from my hometown. To put it mildly, it sucked. I can't tell you what anxiety can do to a person's body. It can do almost anything it wants. Fucker. There might not be enough ativan in the pharmacy for me this week. I am going to need to phone in some back up.

I am properly dosed with my little friends now though... so... let's blog shall we?

I was reading another blog today and the question this author posed was "who would you go gay for?" Firstly, I don't believe it quite works that way. But I understood his lighthearted meaning at the blog posting. Quite truthfully my friends and I have played similar games like this.

Anywoo... He had listed among his male choices that he may go gay for Jeffrey Donovan:

I said in a most kidding fashion that I might go straight for him! He's a looker!! But my real passion is for his partner Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar):

Yes. She's very hot. I'm totally not into femmes at all, but something about her makes me want to throw her down and ... well... yeah. Don't know where that came from. Sorry.


JP said...

Don't know where that came from? See if you were a guy I'd say you were talking with your penis... so I guess we can assume the opposite... =)

Elle said...

Me thinks "we" think with our brains... but.. yeah. Something like that.