Friday, May 28, 2010

The "Next-Day-Phone-Call" -or text- after The First Date

I woke up this afternoon to an anonymous text from Motherless asking, "When are you moving?"  At first I was creeped out a little because I didn't recognize the number.  I asked the texter to identify themselves and the response I got was "It's your son."  Seriously?  Dude.  He is five.  He can't spell or use punctuation yet.

I got it out of the texter that it was.... yeah... you guessed it.... Motherless!  She was texting me again.  This is huge in the world of a 13 year old, I believe.  Especially since March 14, 2010 was the last text I received from her.  (Yes I know the exact date.  I have all of her texts saved still.  No judging..... )  Since that time in March, when we had our big "falling out" or whatever, she got a new cell number, and neither her nor her father made me privy of it.

So, second awesome outcome of this:  I have her cell phone number now.  YAY.  I am a ginormous geek.

This truly does feel like I am dating her.  It's like butterflies in my tummy and all that shit.

I don't know what's going on.  I'm trying to not get my hopes up.  I'm trying not to expect too much.


Rexie said...

Let her come to you and don't make any fast moves, lest she scurry away. It seems as if she is dipping her toes in the water to see what it feels like. I have to think she wanted you to have her cell number. It's important to stay firm and solid and to not overreact. If this works out, you both can teach the other a thing or two. Her emotions will probably know teens - one day they're this; the next day they're that, so expect some shifting and try not to take any of it personally. She is trying to find out how and where she fits into your life, I know you will give her plenty of room. What a wonderful way to go into your special weekend. ENJOY!

Elle said...

You're so right about teens. You have to be *there* but not too close.

Through this whole ordeal I've told myself to not take any of it personally. Thank you for the reminder.

I did text her tonight and ask her if she watches Glee. I don't even know what I would say if she said yes. I just know what we both used to watch plenty of other shows together and had similar tastes. She replied "No."

One word. But she replied.

Communication. It's something.

JP said...

babysteps honey... babysteps.