Sunday, May 30, 2010

an Outlet (so to speak)

I was moving some boxes to the new house yesterday with the kids. Nothing big. I was very tired and I don't have much packed yet. I don't have any trucks yet..

The house is a 4-ish bedroom. The ish is a long story I don't feel like typing out. Well, the kids keep arguing over who gets which room.

When it hit me.

I looked at which room is left for me... that one will never fucking work!! There's like ONE very poorly placed electrical outlet. Uhm... okay.

I went across the hall to the other bedroom... electrical outlets GALORE and... a phone jack.

I'm taking that room.


Asya said...

The battery ones are GOOD you know:)

MVEMJSUNp said...

Um, yeah. Who wants to deal with cords anyway? Buy some stock in Duracell.

Elle said...

Seriously? You all have missed my point.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself first. Cause you matter too. Not more than your kids needs and wants, but JUST as much.