Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm writing our love story.

I have these slips of paper, a receipt from a dinner, coupon from a dress shop we went to, a piece of printer paper that means "something" to me.  The papers I have tucked away because I know they will trigger a memory for me someday.  Today I don't want to forget.  And someday I might not be able to remember.  So I write.  On the back of the slips of paper I write the memory of that day, of that dinner, of that moment.

I am writing our story.

It is a love story. . . and I hope there is a happy ending.  Right now, in this moment, I am satisfied to just be able to gather these random slips of papers, to capture these memories, and to share my feelings about the moment I had with her.

Some day I want to be able to tell our story; I can't wait.


Asya said...

Remember when we were little and most stories ended with "happily ever after..." Wishing that for you.

Elle said...

Thanks! Regardless of the ending... I want to remember the "nows" because right now, it's really fucking good.

In my experience, there will be really painful times too. Maybe remembering the good times will help then.

Who knows.