Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to the Beginning

Thank you everyone who has sent me private messages, emails, facebook chats, or even commented on this site regarding the ending of Rainbows and Pony Rides.

Some of you "got it" more than others - and that's okay.

One particular blogger asked me, "What is the blog for?"  This question strung a chord with me.  I took immediate pause and went back to the beginning.  I started this blog because I was newly divorced, newly out of the closet, and I felt very isolated in my small community.  There was a certain stigma that I felt from my peer group at that time, that of course I have blogged about (and I'm like... kind of all set with that.  I don't really feel the need to go on about it anymore...).  I understand some of it had to do with ME pushing them away too.

But then there was this other stigma that I felt from the gay and lesbian community that I don't think gets talked about very often -  or if it does, I hadn't heard about it and maybe that was part of my isolation problem.  The stigma I felt was that I was married and had these children with this man.  How could I reeeeaaalllly be a lesbian?  And so on... I even felt some of this from the woman I was involved with at the time.  In fact, after we had broken things off, she had accused me of sleeping with a man.

So, I think I started out feeling isolated and wondering if there was anyone else "out there" like me.  A lesbian, a mother, possibly even someone who may have lived a straight life for a good many years... could there be even ONE other person?  That's all I hoped for.

I was already a reader of Sasha's Card Carrying Lesbian blog.  I admired her candor and honesty.  She blogs about her escapades.  She blogs about being "too pretty to be gay."  And when I read some of her posts about her bipolar disorder, I immediately felt connected to her.  However, she wasn't a mother.  She was never married or divorced.

So for many reasons, RPR began.  Mostly, I was just seeking a community.

And now, I need to embrace what I have found.  I have found what I was looking for.  There are so many of us who did get married, have children, and then "later in life" (*cough*... I'm only 31!) come out.  I started reading blogs of other women some like me and some not, some femmes, some butches, some undefined.  Some of the blogs make me laugh, some make me cry.  Some of the women were born men.  Some of the women pretend to be men.  Some of the women are straight.

But I feel accepted when I read these blogs.  And, when I write my own blog posts, I worry less and less each time about being accepted... because... I think through these last 8 months I've grown to accept myself.

I have started to blog more about *me* recently (not so much about my relationships or my kids or my job...).  Some of it has really left me feeling quite vulnerable and raw.  But I don't want to be afraid of doing it more.  Because I think that what I started this blog out to accomplish has sort of been conquered and now it's time to move in a new direction.

The tag line under the title of this blog used to read "blah blah blah blah .... of a single lesbian mother." Or something like that.  Well, I'm not single any longer (haven't really felt that way in a while now).   I have since changed it.  I am not sure if anyone ever noticed.  Today I asked S if she would ever want to be a "guest blogger" or a "co-blogger" on this site.  I told her she could even write about whatever she wanted... not just the things I tell her to.  (It's okay... laugh.)

I think it might be fun.  To get her perspective on this whole parenting thing... or she could just write about how crazy I am about the dishwasher getting loaded "properly."  Who knows.  It may suck.  But, I mostly think it's going to be great.


Sasha said...

Ahhh I feel honored you mentioned me and I love your blog. I think you're brilliant and witty and you have a voice that the world should hear.

But OMG did I really ever say "too pretty to be gay"?!!!!!??? I didn't think I said that exactly, if I did I want to slap myself because that was obnoxious! LOL

But you my dear, are a beautiful soul and I am so proud of you.

RadDyke said...

Ha. Too pretty to be gay. Love it. (Hi Sasha!)

It's funny that you wrote about blogging more about you lately. You told me the other day that I was starting to blog more about myself too. I wonder why this transition is, what it is that we are needing to find at this point in our lives that is getting us to that point of informal personality. I like that your blog is personal. When you write the things that make you feel raw, they make me (and I'll only speak for myself here) feel...more assured. Because when you write like that, you validate others.

Anyway, enough rambling.
I think S. should guest blog, too.

MakingSpace said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous post, beautifully written and brings the new folks (hello!) up to speed as well.

Also, can I just say there is nothing wrong with wanting a properly loaded dishwasher. I gotcherback on that one, dude. Ha!

Have fun playing around with your new blogging goals and I'm glad to be reading along.

Elle said...

Sasha... I don't think YOU actually said those words about YOURSELF... but I do think I read somewhere in your archives that you were accused of that... the "too pretty" factor.

And for the record, you are not obnoxious. Or at least your obnoxious level is one that I totally dig and relate to! Cheers!!

Rad... I'm glad you feel validated.

MakingSpace... welcome welcome welcome!!! And, I think a properly loaded dishwasher has been underestimated for a long time now. ;)