Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Please Excuse Me: I'm New Here.

That's what I say often when I seem to be clueless.  Which happens a lot.  Like at work... when I can never remember where the extra peri-pads are... or when I call the operator instead of registration to put through an admission.  I just say, "Uh sorry, I'm new here."

I've worked there for almost five years.

Another example: I take the kids on a road trip to a museum, park, or pool, and I don't bring any snacks, towels, or diapers.  "I'm new here."  Like I'm a first time mom... or a babysitter.  Actually I think sitters and nannies are super well prepared.  In fact I've been jealous of their organization before.  SOME even make spreadsheets for meal planning.

My point... oh... my wedding dress.  I found it.  It's exactly right.  There is nothing I want to change.  (Except maybe the waist measurements, but I'm gonna try to stick with that P90X thing and see what happens.)  It's even vintage... from Etsy... so it's all recycled and everything.  It makes me feel so good inside.

The description:

1950's party dress in a pale pink sheer chiffon with pink underlayer. Ruched bodice with cowl overlay and sash in back. Full skirt and metal zipper at side seam with hook and eyes.

It was listed for under $300.00.
That's right.  I mean it just doesn't get any better.  I felt like I was dreaming.  Did you read that description?  PINK CHIFFON.

 And here is a photo of the lovely back of the dress.

That is what sold me.  The sash.  I literally did a little gasp when I saw the photo of the back...

Okay, I know I sound very materialistic right now.  Obsessing and drooling over this dress for what... for my wedding day.  Well.  Well yeah.  Fuck yeah.  I don't even care that it's my second wedding.  It's S's first.  And it's my last!  (Is it okay to laugh at that?  I can never tell what is in bad taste when it comes to second marriages...)

As soon as I got the approval from my go-to-girl, Jess, I went straight to Etsy and bought this.  I don't like to buy clothes without Jess.  She knows how to dress me.  Whenever I buy clothes without her, I end up hating what I've bought and/or feeling like shit when I wear what I've bought.  Whenever I am making a "big" purchase like this I ask her opinion.

So yeah.  I'm embarrassed to admit that, in the literal sense of the word, "I'm new here" when it comes to Etsy - as in I've used it as shopping porn, but I've never made a purchase.  This was my first Etsy purchase.  So I think it is fair and reasonable that I missed something.  Something kind of big.  I was excited.  I didn't see this:
This dress is reserved for echosketch until Friday 2-18-11.
Who the fuck is this echosketch bitch?  And why does she think she can RESERVE my dress until Friday?  
I promptly emailed the Etsy store owner and strung those words together a little nicer - plus I added my (now) famous line... "I'm new here!"  Apparently this chickie doesn't get paid til Friday.  Uhm.  Yeah.  I gots the bills now.  Ship my dressie!!  IT IS MINE. (Please picture a pout and a foot stomp.)

So now we wait.  If she buys the dress on Friday, there is still hope, says the Etsy store owner.  Apparently echosketch is also concerned about size and may return the dress if it doesn't fit.  (Dude.  P-90-X plus a yeast cleanse... it might work.)  

I don't know if I'm getting all Bridezilla now or what, but I've been a little weepy over this.  I thought about going back online and searching for other vintage dresses... but then I decided to give myself the night off.  I need time to grieve.


JP said...

OMFG you are going to be so SO gorgeous in this dress.

RadDyke said...

I hope her tits are too big and her hips are too small and it looks ridiculous on her and she sents it right back to you.

L said...

Thank you both. However, I feel I must let "her" go now. The Etsy seller has very kindly sent me a message and has refunded all of my money. She told me she "begged the girl" but to no avail she still wants the dress. If she does return it, she will contact me. She also said she would contact me if she ran across anything similar.

I feel icky. An ickiness that only buying some cosmetics will heal. But my car is in the shop. Damn.

Natalie said...

If the other chick ends up keeping the dress, you know what? It means an even more perfect dress is just around the corner (I had this happen with a house...I cried for weeks, because we just barely missed out and it seemed so perfect...we ended up finding a house that was far better in every way!)

It is gorgeous, and you clearly have immaculate taste. Which is why you will find something equally perfect, if not better. Let yourself grieve, and then get ready to stumble upon your dream dress (again).

(And now that you've ventured into Etsy purchase territory, get ready to become an addict...dude, you can buy *everything* there, including eco-friendly cosmetics, no car needed! Check out Sobe Botanicals and La Conchita Naturals.)

hebamme ~ said...

oh elle, now i see... really, echosketch?! wth kind of name is that, anyway? (actually, when i saw it - i thought maybe it was your tag... *blush*)

anyway... i agree 100% with natalie -- be prepared for the addiction that is etsy. this dress is gorgeous - but it might just not have been *the one*.

this may be too corny - but some days (yesterday i probably would not have said this, but i got a sh*tload of sleep since then, plus some happy-pills) i am a big believer in things happening in the way they should be... fate, karma, whatever. this one may have come to you, and fit like crap. or echosketch would have started throwing hate-vibes your way, and who needs that shit? now, think of all of the time you get to avoid school/work/cleaning and skimming vintage dresses on etsy (or asking for a custom made similar one, from recycled materials, maybe??) and other awesome things, to brighten your day and your mailbox... trust me, S may become jealous of your new lust for the computer.

plus, don't lie. i saw the measurements on this one --- you skinny bitch! it would have fit you just fine.

xoxo, love & kisses...

MakingSpace said...

Awww - beautiful dress. Another will come along, but this one is really beautiful. The next one will be too... take your time...